Motivation Monday #2

“It may be said that, so far from having a materialistic tendency, the supposed introduction into the earth at successive geological periods of life — sensation, instinct, the intelligence of the higher mammalia bordering on reason, and lastly, the improvable reason of Man himself — presents us with a picture of the ever-increasing dominion of mind over matter.”

— Sir Charles Lyell, 1863

Your mind is stronger than you think. It’s a powerful tool that can be used to overcome great difficulties. Sometimes the hardest part, is outsmarting your own brain.

Celebrate all achievements, no matter how small.

Happy New Year everyone! I’ve been a bit slack on the ol’ posts. Getting into a routine again. I promise! I have a post coming about what 2014 taught me, this week sometime.

I wanted to share this first: Sometimes, when you’re making progress and increasingly moving “forward” it’s easy to forget how much progress you have in fact made.

I read a metaphor recently, comparing mental health battles to spiralling up a mountain (of course, I can’t find the reference now). You put a lot of effort into going that little bit further, getting closer to the top, but really you’re only 5m further toward it, because the journey around takes so much longer and there are no short-cuts.

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