Coming off SSRIs – a not so fun journey

I’ve been coming off SSRI meds (specifically, Fluoxetine) over the past almost 2 months now and I *think* I finally feel ‘normal’. But boy has it been a roller-coaster. I want to start out by saying I did not go cold turkey. I tapered off with guidance of a very expensive psychiatrist, my psychologist, and GP. I cut back to every second day, every third, and so on until it got down to once a week THEN I stopped completely. So when I talk about the two month time-frame, that’s two months without any dosage at all. Continue reading “Coming off SSRIs – a not so fun journey”

Crash Course.

Today I’ll keep things short. Just a quick update. Yesterday was a bad day, for a lot of reasons. But it turned into a good day. I had an emotional morning about the previous days escapades, and then pushed through a horrible panic attack with the help of my lovely psychologist and was able to have a really helpful session with her. I went for a walk on my own in the evening to look at a pretty sunset (see my Instagram for a snap of it). Then today, I walked around the entire block alone and didn’t freak out! Continue reading “Crash Course.”