Celebrate all achievements, no matter how small.

Happy New Year everyone! I’ve been a bit slack on the ol’ posts. Getting into a routine again. I promise! I have a post coming about what 2014 taught me, this week sometime.

I wanted to share this first: Sometimes, when you’re making progress and increasingly moving “forward” it’s easy to forget how much progress you have in fact made.

I read a metaphor recently, comparing mental health battles to spiralling up a mountain (of course, I can’t find the reference now). You put a lot of effort into going that little bit further, getting closer to the top, but really you’re only 5m further toward it, because the journey around takes so much longer and there are no short-cuts.

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This is another post about being kind to yourself, and how effing hard that is. An insight into my life at the mo.

I will start out by saying that yesterday was going well. I did my Headspace session in the morning for the first time; I’m onto the Anxiety pack now. I got up and did some invoicing, some work on my portfolio and some house things. Productive. I had arranged with a neighbour I’d never met (through Neighbourly, which I will post about in the future) to collect some flowers from her garden. Continue reading “Disappointment/Achievement.”

Anxiety Disorder.

OK, so I said in my last post that I was going to redesign the blog and come back.

I haven’t done that. Life got in the way. I left my job. I got married. My Mental Health fell apart. Stuff happened. I’m sorry. 

So, rather than take forever to start posting and spend lots of time making an empty blog look pretty, I thought it was high time I started actually blogging.

One of the topics I plan to cover a lot, is Anxiety Disorder (“AD”). I was diagnosed with AD around about August this year officially. I’m still on the road to recovery and living a “normal” life as I type. It’s the first time I’ve had to deal with a Mental Health issue of my own, actually, I haven’t really had that many close friends or family go through this around me. A lot of them have suffered through it in silence, or before I knew them. And boy do they have some stories to tell. Continue reading “Anxiety Disorder.”