Review: The Body Shop – Moisturising Stick


Over the past few years, I’ve pared down my skin care products significantly, in an effort to use less plastic and chemicals. But I’ve still got a few staple items I use, along with my essential oils. This is now one of my go-to items. I came across this delightful product while in Australia in August, and was pleased to see it’s also sold in New Zealand. Seriously, it smells amazing.

It smells SO GOOD; it’s like you’re rubbing chocolate on your body. It’s particularly delicious when applied to warm skin (in summer, or right after a shower/bath) and has a silky smooth finish that lasts all day long. I don’t tend to buy a lot from The Body Shop as it’s a bit pricey (IMO), but there are definitely some products I’d never buy anywhere else. This is one of them. I highly recommend this.

It’s also very reasonably priced, at $24 NZD:

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