Let’s talk about LLETZ

Last week, I had to have the LLETZ procedure.

I’ll keep the details below the ‘read more’ in case anyone is squeamish . But if you’re interested, keep reading.

I am lucky enough to be able to afford health insurance (barely, since I’ve had my policy since I was a baby it’s super discounted) so I got to have the LLETZ treatment at a private hospital under my chosen specialist (I already had a regular gynaecologist due to previous endometriosis surgeries etc.) the procedure costs around $5,000 if you go private (though all it cost me was the excess on my policy) – I have absolutely no idea what the wait-time would be like in the public system.

Since I was pretty anxious about the procedure, I asked my lovely twitter friends, and a few family members about how it had been for them; not surprisingly it turned out to be very different for everyone.

I found this online description of LLETZ, for those of you who have no idea what it is (I didn’t!) It seemed that from all accounts, the local injection in the cervix was the most painful part. Well, I had IV sedation so I didn’t even feel that (a huge relief). The entire procedure only took about two hours from arrival to departure. IV sedation is a dream. Almost literally! It was actually a really nice sleep, and waking up from it is so much gentler than a general anaesthetic. I was tired & snoozy for about 30mins then the nurse brought me a cup of tea & some food, and I was literally up and out of the hospital within another 15mins or so. I had no pain at all. Just felt a bit uncomfortable.

I was pretty tired for the first couple of days, and the antibiotics are knocking me around a bit but, overall the whole thing was much less stressful/painful/awful than expected. I have to have another colposcopy in four months, then if all the cells weren’t removed the procedure will be repeated. I can handle that!

So I just wanted to write a short post to get this info out there to other ladies who are worried like I was. Oh, and get regular smears!!! I’m very lucky that this was picked up a few months before my next smear was actually due. And a big THANK YOU to the lovely women who have been open/candid enough to talk with me about this subject.


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