Food is hard.

TW⚠️:  Disordered eating.

I’m having such a hard time with my brain lately in relation to food. I want to lose weight. I have IBS. I suffer from anxiety and depression. If I get too hungry, I get anxious and it causes my stomach to be upset because of too much stomach acid (a common trend in IBS sufferers). I can’t really skip breakfast as having no food makes me light headed.

I’m so sick of feeling bad about wanting to eat. But, like, eating is a basic human need. I know sometimes you just have to put fuel in your tank. My lovely friend Louise reminded me that. She’s written about similar things over here at Your Friendly Neighbourhood Vegan

Calorie counting hasn’t been super helpful in losing weight. I’ve tracked it for about a month now, and *usually* stick to 1300-1400 calories per day, with the occasional late night wine or cheese or candy addition. When my brain is depressed, it either wants to eat lots, or wants to eat nothing.

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Coming off SSRIs – a not so fun journey

I’ve been coming off SSRI meds (specifically, Fluoxetine) over the past almost 2 months now and I *think* I finally feel ‘normal’. But boy has it been a roller-coaster. I want to start out by saying I did not go cold turkey. I tapered off with guidance of a very expensive psychiatrist, my psychologist, and GP. I cut back to every second day, every third, and so on until it got down to once a week THEN I stopped completely. So when I talk about the two month time-frame, that’s two months without any dosage at all. Continue reading “Coming off SSRIs – a not so fun journey”

The Dating Game.

New year, new content!

Given my recent separation, I’ve been testing the waters of the online dating world… I plan on making a series of blog posts outlining the trials & tribulations of figuring out apps such as Tinder, and OkCupid, and featuring interviews with friends who are seasoned online daters / or first-timers.

A background on my online dating experience.

Before I was married, I used online dating a little to meet guys. But mostly it was NZDating, which it was primarily used for hook-ups, not as a way to meet new people to potentially have relationships with – though in saying that I did date one guy for 6 months or so.

What you can expect to see in upcoming posts.

Stats. Yep, I plan on analysing the shit out of this. I’ve listened to a couple of excellent podcasts on this subject, which I will share in coming days. But I plan to share things like how many left swipes vs. right swipes on Tinder, how many I match with actually message me back. The science behind most effective profile photos etc. The creepy messages men send on the regular. Possibly some #SpoonieDates live tweets on first dates. Who knows. Suggestions are welcomed.