FODMAP visit to Monash University


As many of you know, I have been following the low FODMAP diet for some time now.

One of my besties lives in Melbourne, VIC, Australia. We were going to be in NSW anyway for a family event so we thought it sensible to fit in a bit more of Australia while we were in the country. Monash University happens to be based in Melbourne, so I got in touch with the FODMAP department about meeting some of their scientists/dieticians, just on the off chance they’d let us in for a bit of a tour of the FODMAP testing process.

Well, they invited us in and were very obliging with answering questions etc. I’m sure I took a bunch of notes, which I can no longer find… so I’m writing this from what I can recall.

I met: Philippa, Shirley Webber, CK Yao, Emily, Dr Jane Muir (who funnily enough, is from my home town!) and a bunch of other lovely people whose names I have forgotten.

Some of the FODMAP team from Monash + me
Left to right: Philippa, Emily, Me.

I got to put on a snazzy white smock and visit the lab (my fav part!) and learn about how the foods are tested for FODMAP levels, it turns out a lot of them are freeze dried – and also they’re cooked and prepared the way we would eat them (i.e. pasta is cooked, not tested raw, since FODMAPs are water soluble) which makes total sense but isn’t something I had considered at all. I also got to see a bunch of the testing equipment and find out what some of the restrictions on testing foods. A lot of it is secret squirrel so I couldn’t take photos in the lab area.

The low FODMAP diet has helped me so much over the last couple of years (with other supplements etc. too). Understanding a bit more about how FODMAPs affect the gut, has made reintroducing foods a lot easier for me.

So, thank you; Monash University. Keep up the great work!

You can buy the FODMAP app (it’s also available in book form but I prefer the app since it’s updated regularly) I also can’t understand why it’s not called the “FODMapp”.

Disclaimer: This trip happened last year (2015) and I’ve been too slack/busy to write about it up until now…Better late than never… Right?

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