FODMAP visit to Monash University


As many of you know, I have been following the low FODMAP diet for some time now.

One of my besties lives in Melbourne, VIC, Australia. We were going to be in NSW anyway for a family event so we thought it sensible to fit in a bit more of Australia while we were in the country. Monash University happens to be based in Melbourne, so I got in touch with the FODMAP department about meeting some of their scientists/dieticians, just on the off chance they’d let us in for a bit of a tour of the FODMAP testing process. Continue reading “FODMAP visit to Monash University”

I made my own mint ‘tea’ & it was super easy!

I drink a lot of mint tea. Usually peppermint, but there’s a delicious three mint tea I love also. So, I made a two mint tea!I wanted to share this simple ‘recipe’ for making your own mint tea! I inherited a bunch of peppermint to plant, so I chopped all the leaves off to give the cuttings more of a chance to grow roots and was looking for a way to use them up… You can absolutely make tea from the raw washed leaves, but if you want to keep some on hand for future tea-making, drying is a great idea. Continue reading “I made my own mint ‘tea’ & it was super easy!”