Butt kicking yoga.

I’m totally getting my butt kicked by yoga at the moment. I’ve been doing the 30 Days of Yoga challenge by Yoga with Adriene and it’s actually amazing. The videos vary in difficulty and generally when there’s a really hard/long session one day, the next day is shorter/more soothing.
Obviously, being in New Zealand the timing of the video releases isn’t that suitable for me, so I’m catching up the following day after they are released. I’ve just now done Day 8. You can start whenever, so start Day 1 now if you fancy it!

Are you doing this too? I’d love to hear how you’re getting on.

Crow Pose is totally destroying me at the moment. So sore. But, there is a Foundations of Yoga video series which is great to go back through if you have issues with any particular poses. And if you’ve never done it before (I hadn’t!) there is Yoga for Beginners to prepare you, too!


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