A Jay in the Life Monday 5 September

You asked for it! Everyone was keen to read about a day in my life. I mean, that *is* the name of my blog… so here goes! It’s not super exciting as I was mostly just working from home today. But this has been really beneficial for me, to help me realise I do actually get quite a lot done even when I don’t feel like I have.

4:30am – 8:30am

Awake due to my tiny bladder. Awake again, thanks to the cats being jerks and running around for past couple of hours. Awake again… bad stomach (made bad high FODMAP food choices last night for dinner). Alarm goes off… snooze for a bit.


Got out of bed, had a cup of tea + lactose free milk, attempt to tidy house as I go about my morning – make list of things I need to get done today. Consider ignoring phone call from builder about the new kitchen installation at our flat… Not actually all that stressful. Kitchen being sorted Wed/Thurs this week. Write email to landlord reminding him the shower head was meant to be replaced at the same time. Spent some time clearing emails. Arranged meeting with a colleague about study options to get into the Mental Health field (Tues). Check out yoga classes and add to calendar to potentially attend this evening.

Stuff to do today:

  • Sort paperwork for WINZ
  • Start bullet journal for this week
  • Book yoga class???


Empty dishwasher/reload it. Eat 1 piece of GF fruit toast, not strictly low FODMAP but only one piece – need to get energy to do yoga, will make smoothie after that. Brought washing that I forgot about in. Gentle morning yoga sequence by Yoga with Adriene. Have shower & wash hair. Seems simple, but for some reason hair-washing can be a daunting task. Then I need to attempt to clean the blender and make a smoothie for lunch.


That took a lot longer than anticipated… Blender sometimes decides not to work after it’s been pulled apart for cleaning :/ but I now have a banana, cacao, date, almond milk & protein smoothie. I realised we don’t actually have a copy of our tenancy agreement so I emailed the landlord about that (need it for WINZ). Procrastination sets in, so I decide to try fixing up the blue in my hair, by applying a bit of red dye to a section to see if it made it more purple. That probably took 15mins to apply & rinse out.


Snack: cheddar cheese, crackers, cucumber sticks, Fix & Fogg: Smoke & Fire PB. Get some website update work done for a client, takes maybe 45mins. Go for drive/walk to visit friend.


Home from visiting friend… do some design work for a client (2 hours-ish). Attempt a nap for 30mins. Fail at nap. Make a hot Cacao/Maca drink for some energy…boil dumplings for dinner. These are pretty much low FODMAP but have a tiny amount of mushrooms in them. I got an enquiry about a website design this afternoon, so let’s hope that turns into something. The rest of my evening will consist of scheduling some FB posts for pages I manage for clients, and most likely blobbing/falling asleep on the couch. Oh yeah, and my daily Headspace 20 min session for the evening.

Stuff on my list that I did not do today (AKA the entire list):

  • Finish compiling paperwork for WINZ (have done everything but sort my income for last 52 weeks…Sigh)
  • Book yoga class (got too scared and also don’t have a spare $20)
  • Bullet Journal – the journal I ended up buying is A6 (I wanted A5) and it’s probs too small, so I’m scared to start using it and then stop part of the way cos it’s too tiny.

Here are my Fitbit stats for the day:

Fitbit stats 5 Sept

Plus a better breakdown of the heart rate

Oh good ol’ anxiety – the gap is when I took my Fitbit off to charge it.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 8.09.22 AM


Given this is the first ‘diary’ type post I’ve done, I’d love to hear your feedback – please leave me a comment.





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